Order Upload Service

  • Path: /v2/orders/upload
  • Method: POST (write)
  • Authentication required: yes
  • Input formats: all formats
  • Input type: list
  • Field description:
    • reference (string): Your unique reference number
    • name (string): Name of the recipient, up to 40 characters (required)
    • name2 (string): Extra name field (up to 40 characters)
    • name3 (string): Extra name field (up to 40 characters)
    • address (string): Recipient's address (required, up to 40 characters)
    • zipcode (string): Recipient's postal code (required)
    • city (string): Recipient's city (required, up to 25 characters)
    • country (string): Recipient's country (ISO code, default: DE)
    • phone (string): Recipient's phone number
    • mail (string): Recipient's mail adress (up to 50 characters)
    • comment (string): Optional annotation (up to 50 characters)
    • items: List of order positions
      • position (int): Optional order position number.
      • number (string): Article number
      • quantity (decimal): Quantity

This service allows you to push orders into our database. The input data will be validated before processing. On abort, you'll get an HTTP 500 status code with an error message.

When using CSV input format, all rows having the same reference number will be interpreted as positions of the same order. Alternativly, you can omit the reference number of the position rows. This is also possible, but not required, for other input formats.