Message Service

  • Path: /v2/messages
  • Method: GET (read)
  • Authentication required: yes
  • Output formats: all
  • Output type: list
  • Field description:
    • method (string): HTTP Request Method (GET or POST)
    • url (string): Requested URL (without query parameters)
    • timestamp (string): Request time in ISO format
    • level (string): Entry severity (ERROR or WARNING)
    • message (string): Warning or error message
  • Restrictions: Returns up to 15 messages

This service provides access to the 15 most recent "error" and "warning" messages that where generated on service accesses using the current API key. This might be useful if your client is not able to parse the output of the service request to determine the reason of a request error (e.g. WebDAV clients).

Please note that this is not a regular service. All parameters beside key are ignored. In particular it is not possible to change the output format.


$ curl -s -o- -u ':KEY' ''
POST,/test/v2/orders/upload,"2015-03-03T16:48:44.259+01:00",ERROR,"JavaScriptException: Error in line 1: unknown value for field 'number': 507409"