RDS API Documentation

Rasch Data Services provides read and write access to various services to our business partners. To get access to this API you need an API key (referred as key). Please ask your contact person in our sales department if you want to apply for a key.

The base URL for all services is:

Use the test environment while developing POST interfaces.

Both interfaces can optionally be accessed unencrypted by replacing https:// with http://. But we strongly recommend to use encrypted connections.

GZip output compression is supported and will be used if your client's request includes the HTTP header "Accept-Encoding: gzip".


  • SERVICE_NAME (required): The requested service (see services)
  • KEY (required): Your API key (see authentication, can also be supplied as HTTP header)
  • FORMAT (default: json): The desired output format (see formats, can also be supplied as HTTP header)
  • SERVICE_PARAMS: Service-specific parameters (see service description)
  • FORMAT_PARAMS: Format-specific parameters (see format description)
  • GLOBAL_PARAMS: Global parameters like limit or charset (see global parameters)

Available services

See services.

Other interfaces